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Workshops from the 9th Be Tribal Bellydance Festival 2024


Meet the teachers who also yearn to be part of this 9th edition, face to face, in wide and expected dance circles

28 HOURS OF SEMINARS made up of 4 magnificent teachers of international stature make up our 9th in-person edition of the Be Tribal Bellydance festival

4 days of thematic seminars for dancers of improvisation and fusion bellydance languages, current topics and readings, unpublished topics, glorious bazaar and the traditional dance nights on the night of Ahal, hafla in pure GhytiaStudio style, Show Tendi, Circle of Clans and the traditional Gala Show with the teachers of this edition.

★ ZOE JAKES (EUA) – 5 seminarss and 1 semiprofesional intensive/ 20 hours★
★ MELODY BUSTILLOS (EUA) – 5 seminars / 10 hours★
★ ALDANA ARGÜELLO – (Argentina) – 2 seminars / 4 hours ★
★ DRAKE VON TRAPP – (EUA) – 4 seminars / 8 hours ★

Save the date from November 21 to 24, 2024 for our 9th international edition

The seminars can be purchased as a package or individually as top class with each of the teachers.


top classes


Elevate Your Artistry: Zoe Jakes Dance Performance Intensive

(Intermediate/advanced level of belly dance/bellydancer fusion required)

Thursday 21, Friday 22 november 24 – 9 am – 2 pm

Are you ready to take your dance artistry to the next level? This program is tailored for passionate dancers seeking to push their boundaries, refine their skills, and elevate their artistry to new heights.

Embark on an exploration of fusion belly dance movement and expression with Zoe Jakes in this immersive dance workshop. This transformative experience is designed for individuals of intermediate to advanced levels of belly dance who are eager to unlock their creative potential, showcase the power of dance, and cultivate a deep understanding of Zoe’s choreographic process.


The final result of the “Elevate Your Artistry” will be presented at the Be Tribal Bellydance 24 gala show on Friday, November 22.


Arms and Undulations

Saturday  23 november – 8 am

A workshop with Zoe where we shall dance like snakes and be one with alien Belly.

We will ride the edge between exquisite and strange in this slow movement class series. All that ooey gooey stuff that is so fun and delicious to watch and do will be focused on, using elements from the head down through to the fingertips. Sidewinders, extreme undulations, and upper body technique along with arm and hand work inspired by molasses. A focus on elbow and wrist work, oblique strengthening to get that horizontal pull that makes mayas and hip slides so exquisite and strange, and belly rolls with emphasis on stomach musculature. 

Viajaremos al límite entre lo exquisito y lo extraño en esta serie de clases de movimiento lento. Sidewinders, ondulaciones extremas y técnica de la parte superior del cuerpo junto con trabajo de brazos y manos inspirado en la melaza, giros del vientre con énfasis en la musculatura del estómago.

The art of improvisation (with a dash of practicality)

Saturday 23 november – 10 am

Tips and tools for every dancer wanting to improve their improvisational game. This workshop will present clear ways to develop your improvisational skills through musicality, phrasing, and take-home practices. The dancer will learn how to utilize phrases of different lengths to bring variety to their solo, how to create a beginning, middle, and end to improvisation, and how to bring these techniques into your practice routine to help make improvisation second nature!

Zoe’s pop lock and layering Drills

Sunday 24 november – 12 pm

The technique behind his signature blocking style will be broken down and taught in an easily digestible format. Students will be given many tools to help unlock the more challenging aspects of layering, as well as many fun in-class exercises to develop their body movements. Get ready to sweat!

Fleet Foxes

Sunday 24 november– 8 am

Strange layers and sleek extension

Layer with style…take that technique and make it work for you!  In this workshop, we will work on executing layers elegantly and smoothly. Plenty of, as well we will break down these concepts so the information is accessible to all levels

Ultimate Drills: My favorite subject!

Sunday 24 november – 10 am

Ultimate Drills: My favorite subject!

Intermediate to advanced students will love these mind-bending layering drills. We will be layering hips, torso, footwork, and arm patterns for a mind-bending multitasking adventure.  Concepts for better mind-body integration will be utilized, as well as body organization techniques. And as usual, tons of drills!

The technique behind her signature locking stylization will be broken down and taught in an easily digestible format. Students will receive many tools to help unlock the more challenging aspects of layering, as well as lots of fun drills in class to get the movements in their bodies. be prepared to sweat!


"FCBD On The Edge" (Single Sword Fundamentals and Vocabulary)

Saturday November 23 – 12 pm

New to sword dance or just need the practice?  In this workshop we will focus on sword handling fundamentals, balance awareness and inertia break practices while incorporating slow FCBD® vocabulary and dialect embellishments. The foundation of sword dance begins here.

"Slice and Dice Extension” (Extended Dialect for Slow and Fast Vocabulary)

Saturday November 23 – 3 pm

Ready for a challenge?!?  I have a surprise for you! I crafted this workshop to include many of my favorite dance steps over the years to fit the aesthetic style of the FCBD® Vocabulary Slow and Fast combos to spice up your performances.  These moves have cues and can also be used without props and in choreography. The choice will be yours!

"Friendly Floor Work "

Sunday November 24 – 12 pm

¿ Have you ever wanted to engage in floor work with your dance, but the idea was daunting? This is the workshop for you.  We will start out with a gentle warm up to get your body ready for the task.  We will start with demi and full level drops, recovery options for safe transitions.  We will break down desert crawl, cobra, mermaids, and various maneuvering techniques leading to off the floor recovery.  We will take this at a slow pace. Knee Pads are recommended.  

"Fast and Furious”

Sunday November 24 – 12 pm

Go beyond the old school fast dynamic with your sword in Fast FCBD Vocabulary! We will work on combos with fast turns, tips to navigate while keeping the sword on your head. With practice, your big finish will finesse your audience with a lasting impression of risk and skill. 

"Queens Court Concept"

Sunday November 24 – 5 pm

The Queen’s Court formation enables a large group of beautiful dancers to perform together at the same time using in-the-round staging. This formation is a great alternative to rotating quartets, trios, and duets in and out of chorus. By engaging all the dancers in the same formation at the same time, viewers experience a magical whirlwind of colors and motion while 6-12 dancers weave, fade, and circle.  

In this workshop you will learn the rules of engagement and dynamics of the Queens Court formation. You will learn how to set up the inner/outer circle formation and how to make it work with duets and trios in the round. We will drill the formation with fast FCBD® vocabulary in groups of 6 -12 dancers. 


Cave Goblin Fusion

Friday November 22 – 4 pm

Known for his propensity for moving like a cave goblin who learned to belly dance, Drake teaches the fundamentals of his unique “cave goblin” grunge style of fusion. This class will explore counterintuitive movement pathways, creative floor work, and body conditioning to unlock the goblin within.

Sagat-cha! Multi-Tonal Finger Cymbal Technique and Fusion Combos

Saturday Nomvember 23 – 3 pm

This class will help students refine their mind-body awareness to create complex, complimentary layered movements. We will explore muscle cueing and resistance-assisted techniques, so resistance bands or something comparable are recommended. 

Muscle Micromanagement: Layering and Isolation

Exploraremos las señales musculares y las técnicas asistidas por resistencia, por lo que se recomiendan bandas de resistencia o algo comparable

Stage Presence Lec-dem

Saturday Nomvember 23 – 5 pm

Part lecture, part movement. In this workshop, we explore how to reconcile with inner conflicts to be our most authentic and vulnerable onstage. Movement and intellectual exercises will be led to help identify sources of presence, develop a relationship with the audience, and practice self-forgiveness.


Dance and floor work in Belly Dance

Friday, November 22, 9 am

Tricks and skills for belly dancing on the floor, from an approach of care and biomechanical awareness of the body. Specific training and Chifteteli choreographic sequence.

Belly Movs

Friday November 22, 11 am

Intensive technique for belly movements, bellyrolls and flutters, their combination with other movements and choreographic sequence.